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JJSON - A JSON Library for Java without dependencies

JJSon is a simple API for dealing with the JSON format. It needs no dependencies and just offers the features you really need to work. You can find the JSON Specification there:

JJSON actually uses some code from Apache Commons Lang. The code is shaded into the jar file, and so you don't need to care about this. The Lang-Classes were relocated to the jjson-Package, you are save to use your own version of Commons Lang. In addition, only a part of this jar is delivered.

There is a Struts 2 plugin available, which can be used as a result type to return JSON Strings.


  • Using annotations to create json strings out of objects
  • Map json strings into POJOs
  • Creating a java object net out of a json string
  • Creating a json string out of a java object net

Why another JSon-Lib for Java?

I just didn't want to have complex implementations of this simple notation- most of the features other libs gave to me i didn't use. If you feel the same you should consider to contact me (on the dev list) and contribute some patches. You are welcome.

State of development

The new version should work for a lots of cases. Mapping with annotations and working with json using the apis objects work in both directions.

The struts 2 plugin is pretty new and has the ususal flaws.

Backwards cmpatibility

Release numbers will have the follow format: major.minor.patch

  • Breaking backwards compatibility bumps the major
  • Backward compatible changes bumps the minor
  • Backward compatible Bug fixes bump the patch
Version before 1.0.0 will not care on backwards compatibility!

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Copyright 2007 - 2012 Christian Grobmeier

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: